Jungle Trellis

This client wanted an arch over the staircase leading from his carport below to his second-story deck. He wanted something very unusual and exotic… and wanted me to let my imagination flow. Since his deck already had sort of a tropical feel, we went with a jungle vines theme. He wanted to give shelter for people coming up the stairs, yet not so solid that it blocked out light coming into the window below. So, we made an all-stainless steel trellis of sorts, with vines, lianas and  large leaves layered in such a way that the rainwater runs down the leaves from one to another and finally into a funnel of large leaves and into a small plastic pond at the base of his simulated-rock waterfall (to the right in the above photo.)  We also added a variety of jungle creatures in patinated bronze. The 17-foot long trellis was made in 3 sections, hoisted onto the second story deck and assembled there.